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Doctor Knows Best

Doctor Knows Best Or does he? When it comes to neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s, you wonder if doctors actually consider the evidence of their endeavour. We all take the term ” Doctor knows best ” for granted and assume that

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I Like to Hunt Down the Enemy

You know you’re on the right track when you lose interest in what’s behind you (i.e. the enemy of the past) – that’s how it is for me. I have been totally obsessed with identifying the causes of my Parkinson’s,

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Healing From Within Can Be Done

The human body has wonderful healing powers, and that can apply to Parkinson’s too. Healing from within can be done ! Let me explain. We take it for granted that a flesh wound, even a severe cut, will heal, given the

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Beyond my Wildest Expectations

      Little did I know that four years after I’d been searching the internet for early symptoms Parkinson’s disease that now I’d have reversed all those symptoms and I’d be leading a life untroubled by the disease. This

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My Parkinson’s Symptoms have Receded

  My Parkinson’s symptoms have receded since I took actions I took to fix my Parkinson’s disease causes. I now live free of Parkinson’s symptoms and free of drugs, too. I am Colin Potter. 66 years old and a four

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Parkinson’s and Vitamin D

The minute I discovered research studies are linking Parkinson’s disease with a deficiency in vitamin D I took the obvious route. I started taking a high quality supplement of it. Not before I did my research and fully understood what

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