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I am Colin Potter and I have a Parkinson’s diagnosis

Just like you, following my formal diagnosis, I was faced with a choice.

Should I listen to my neurologist and accept what he says? i.e. that Parkinson’s is a progressive, degenerative disease, where my symptoms would multiply and will lead to total disablement.  Parkinson’s medications do nothing to prevent its progression, often don’t help reduce symptoms and can induce many new symptoms (optimistically called side effects but, nevertheless, are drug-induced symptoms).

Or, should I take personal responsibility for my health and seek out alternative approaches to dealing with Parkinson’s? After all, there are other branches of medicine i.e. homeopathy, herbal, naturopathy, chiropractic, Ayurvedic, Chinese etc which have been treating diseases like Parkinson’s for centuries, if not millenia.

Presented with a choice between hope and despair, I chose hope and determined to pursue my own path. I take no medication and work relentlessly at my diet and nutrition, toxin elimination, exercise and other natural therapies. I have been rewarded and live in a state of wellness.

10 years after the first signs (severe lumbar rigidity, loss of right hand functionality, tremor, right leg dragging, etc) many symptoms have reversed, there’s been no progression and I lead a good quality of life. What is more, as I continue my research, new doors open and, as I implement these new findings, so my symptoms improve further.

This is in considerable contrast to friends, who have followed their doctors’ advice, taken medication, and after 3-4 years are hollow shells of their former selves, leading lives of unrelenting misery in a continuing state of illness.

This website shares with you everything I’ve learned about what causes the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms and the actions you can take to fix those causes. The body is a wondrous thing, with immense innate intelligence. It wants to heal itself and knows how to heal itself. All it needs is to be given the opportunity.

This means thinking and acting outside ‘of the box’. I have learned that if the medical community scoff at a therapy as unproven, then it is generally worthy of consideration. After all, why would I listen to doctors who, after all the billions spent on drugs research, have yet to heal one person with Parkinson’s?

This website shares all the information and personal experiences I have gathered over the past 5 years. It will, hopefully, give you the opportunity to halt your Parkinson’s progression, reverse some symptoms and lead a good quality of life.

You will find nothing on this website either selling or promoting a remedy or treatment.
Having found my own answers, I feel it is my duty to share this information.
My sole intention is to share as factually, unbiased and honsetly as I possibly can the research that I have uncovered which might be of assitance to all my fellow Parkinson’s people around the world.
Over the past years, I have funded personally website development and ongoing research. Clearly this cannot all be done by one person.
To enable me to continue to expand my research and activities at fight-parkinsons, I need help with the costs, especially to be able to provide a really useful resource for years and decades to come. Fight Parkinson’s needs to become self sustaining so that thousands of suffers around the world can get the answers they need to enable them to lives with enjoyment and in good health.
The only way that I can see to meet these costs is to invite you to make a modest monthly contribution of $5 for access to some of the content on these pages.
My commitment to you, by wayof return, is that I will continue my intensive research and keep these pages updated with all the possible answers to Parkinson’s  and Parkinson’s Symptoms.

Colin Potter

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