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Where Might I Be Now With My Parkinson’s ?

Where Might I Be Now With My Parkinson’s ? I often wonder, when I look at my Parkinson’s friends, what I’d be like if I hadn’t researched Parkinson’s thoroughly and pursued a path of nutrition, dietary supplementation and exercise. Would

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Don’t Trust Your Cancer Doctor

Don’t Trust Your Cancer Doctor, says specialist Professor Karel Sikora, world respected oncologist and campaigner for better cancer treatment has written a book advising patients how better to survive cancer.   He could just as easily been talking about Parkinson’s!

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You just have to laugh

You just have to laugh   A couple of days ago, I wrote about the success French neurologist, Dr Gabriel Villafane was having with his Parkinson’s patients using nicotine patch therapy.   My attention was first drawn to this therapy

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Chocolate Is Good For You

Chocolate Is Good For You Yes, it’s true. Not only does it fulfil an inner need, but it’s rich in antioxidants and, boy, do we need them. Just one thing, though, it needs to be the right sort of chocolate,

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Take charge of our own health

Take charge of our own health I really do understand how difficult it is to take charge of our own health. After all, it means challenging our doctor, the very person who we’ve been told ‘knows best’. Challenging professionals is,

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