I Like to Hunt Down the Enemy

fightparkinsons107You know you’re on the right track when you lose interest in what’s behind you (i.e. the enemy of the past) – that’s how it is for me.

I have been totally obsessed with identifying the causes of my Parkinson’s, then eradicating them by natural means, one by one. Taken literally – I like to hunt down the enemy!  Now I know that my symptoms are virtually wiped out through a natural non inflammatory diet, some key supplements and regular exercise, I am onto new targets such as the things in our daily environment that we all take for granted as “safe” but which actually also harbour things which can be harmful to our neurons. If someone has great health and their neurons are absolutely fine then maybe that won’t bother them, but having Parkinson’s I realise mine are not fine so it definitely bothers me that I should keep my neurons as safe as possible!

Organic toothpaste free of fluoride is safer for all us folks with neuronal damage so now I have switched over to that. Bottled spring water also has no fluoride so I switched to that. Both these have given me small but noticeable health improvements. (The organic toothpaste Green People which I prefer to use is on Amazon). This toothpaste also has no artificial sweeteners in it. This means it is friendly to your gut bacteria.

The bottled water I haven’t delved into on a fine brand by brand research basis yet, but suffice to say that water generally which is without fluoride is less damaging to us than water with fluoride, so I just get whatever brand of spring water the local super markets have in for now). With each new extra measure I take, I am propelled onwards like a sniper, always in pursuit of more enemies that we can destroy to achieve an even more perfect result.