Parkinson's Recovery

Parkinson’s Recovery

Is a recovery possible following a Parkinson’s diagnosis?

If you start from the premise that every disease has a cause, then it’s logical that, by addressing those origins, you can effect change. In the case of Parkinson’s, that means a reduction or elimination of symptoms and bringing a halt to its unwelcome progression.

In my 5 years of research into the origins of Parkinson’s, I have read tens of books and hundreds of scientific studies which point to the multifactorial causes behind neurological diseases. By acting upon those findings, and which included changing my diet, taking nutritional supplements and eliminating toxins, I have made a considerable recovery. 

This recovery has been in three stages. The first stage, at the beginning of my research, occurred within 6 months of me changing diet and taking nutritional supplements. That saw my crippling rigidity melt away and return me to mobility.

The second stage lasted almost 4 years. This period saw me implement refinements to my diet and supplements program, introduce an exercise regime and focus on toxin elimination. This stage saw any progression cease and a general, though not startling improvement.

The third stage was triggered at the end of 2017, when I began to explore new therapies. Within a few months, I’d seen more positive developments than in the previous 4+ years. My voice is restored to something approaching full strength. My muscles have strengthened something like 200%. The improvement in my manual dexterity means that I can undertake tasks previously beyond my capabilities. Importantly, I’m still work-in-progress!

I’m in far better shape than at the time since my diagnosis, in 2011. There aren’t many people with Parkinson’s who can say that. Others, who have followed a similar course of action, write to me sharing their stories of improvement and living well.

Everything I’ve learned and implemented is shared in these following pages. You can use the information shared here to go it alone or, you can email me at, and I’ll put you in contact with a practitioner who can guide you.

There are no guarantees that, by following the steps to recovery shared on these pages, you will also see the same degree of recovery. There is one thing I can guarantee, though. If you do not take control of your health and do nothing to address the potential causes of Parkinson’s, then your disease will progress.

I published my initial book, Parkinson’s Disease: How I Reversed My Symptoms and Reclaimed My Life, in December 2014. You can download it HERE. This book is an accurate depiction of my early Parkinson’s journey and what I had learned to that date about Parkinson’s, its causes and overcoming the symptoms.
Since then, I have continued my research, enhanced my learning and implemented new solutions. I share this information on the pages of this website and in this latest copy of my Parkinson’s Recovery Plan, which you can download HERE.
I’m about to start writing my new book, Living Well (and drug-free) With Parkinson’s, which will share my experiences and new findings since2015. I’ll be publishing it here.
On these pages, you’ll find everything I’ve learned about recovering from Parkinson’s over the 6+ years since my diagnosis. It’s all tried and tested, by me, as I’ve sought to hold back the progression of my disease and reverse it’s symptoms.
I am not suggesting any kind of cure as I’m pretty certain my symptoms would resume should I let up on any of the actions set out in my Recovery Plan. It’s a matter of unrelenting attention to fixing the causes and staying the course.
My Parkinson’s Recovery Plan can be downloaded HERE.
The very first thing I learned, when I commenced my research, was that:
  • the wrong diet plays a prominent role in chronic disease
  • we’ve been fed (no pun intended) the wrong dietary information for the last 50+ years. The high carb / low fat diet is literally killing us.
  • doctors aren’t trained to provide dietary advice. Even if they were trained, it would be with faulty information.
The diet we need to follow is the one man followed for thousands of years, at least until fake science and commercial interests hijacked our health. That diet is the:

High Fat / Low Carbohydrate diet

This quickly became apparent when I found a 2005 study conducted by scientists at Columbia University, New York which reported a 43% improvement in Parkinson’s symptoms after the subjects spent 28 days following a ketogenic (high fat) diet.
Whilst it took a much longer period (six months) on the new diet before I saw tangible change in my symptoms, I did experience an improvement in my general wellbeing from the outset. So, I knew I was onto something important.
I have set out the diet I follow in The Parkinson’s Recovery Eating Plan which you can download, HERE.
Go to Recipes for suggestions for meals which comply with the high fat diet.

Nutritious toxin free foods and recipes – quick and easy!

I have created a Recipe Book which you can download HERE.
My recipes offer a way to nourish ourselves with a toxin free, anti-inflammatory, natural diet, presented in a varied and delicious way. The recipes comply with the High Fat / Low Carb diet. They are also intended to be quick and easy to make because I appreciate that people are far more likely to stick with a diet if its tasty, filling and doable.
Our recipes even have treats
Although the diet is very healthy, I anticipate that coming across to it after decades on a typical western high carb, high sugar diet can be a challenge and one thing that people miss most are their treats. So, I have created some healthy treat options made from only natural ingredients, which should help in times of need.
My recipes fit any budget
Budgets from home to home vary widely but wherever possible we would aim to use a free range, organic, or locally grown option purely because it minimises toxins.
Fish Dishes
Meat Dishes
Vegetarian Dishes
From the very start of my research, I was finding scientific studies which referred to people with Parkinson’s being deficient in this vitamin or that mineral. So, on that basis, I would add the stated vitamin or mineral to my list of nutritional supplements following the recommended dosages on the bottles.
Something worked for me, because my symptoms improved, but I was never comfortable with this approach. It lacked a scientific approach and didn’t work for everyone.
Then, I was introduced to the work of a doctor who, before treating humans, had been a veterinary practitioner. He’d observed that animals are fed pellets which contain the vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy and free of chronic disease. Only, we don’t do this with humans!
It is assumed that we get the nutrients we need from our food. But, we don’t. Processed foods are lacking in nutrients and contain toxins. Our soils are so deficient in minerals that even fresh, organic produce lacks the essential nutrients we need. So, we become nutrient deficient and leaving the door open to chronic disease.
This doctor identified the 90 essential nutrients we need to supplement with daily, and has created two powders which are added to water and drunk. This mostly relieves the need to swallow mountains of capsules, and takes away the guesswork as to what supplements to take and in what quantity.
What’s more, they work. I saw an improvement in weeks. Furthermore, I have seen continued improvements in symptoms six months after I started on the new supplements and which have surpassed any expectations I had.
For more information, contact me
Toxins, stored up in our bodies and wreaking havoc, are one of the primary causes of chronic disease.
My naturopathic neurologist is emphatic that to recover from Parkinson’s we need to do two things:


                        Feed the body the right fuel (vitamins, minerals, amino acids)
                        Ease its burden (reduce the body’s toxin load)

There are three ways to rid the body of toxins.

  1. Boost Detox Pathways

That happens when the body is fed the right foods and receives appropriate nutrient supplementation.
  1. Eliminate as many toxins as possible from your environment

There really is a lot of straightforward actions that you can take to reduce your body’s toxic burden. In no particular order:
Eat only fresh, organic produce which is free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones etc. Do, that, and you eliminate all the toxins used in processed foods.
Use only natural, organic personal care products eg toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo etc.
Use only natural, organic cleaning products.
Avoid scented products.
Drink only filtered or bottled water
Avoid as much pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field radiation as possible ie no emitting devices (cell phones, tablets, TVs etc) in the bedroom. Switch off WiFi routers at night and when not in use. Don’t wear wrist devices. I take extra steps, and have shielding devices fitted to my cell phone, laptop, home and car.
Have mercury amalgam fillings removed safely from your teeth and replaced with non-toxic composite fillings.
  1. Detoxification

Eliminating toxins from your personal environment and strengthening your detoxification pathways, through diet and nutritional supplementation , may deliver the desired results.
However, as this lady  states, HERE, there’s a lot more that can be done.
Following a professional interpretation of a test conducted on a sample of my hair for heavy metals and toxic elements, I have undergone extensive detoxification procedures with my naturopathic neurologist. This has included intravenous infusions of DMPS to expel mercury.
Countering free radicals is a relatively straightforward process.
Firstly, by following the right diet and eliminating toxins, you automatically reduce incoming free radicals.
Secondly, by consuming foods and nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants, you see off the remaining free radicals.

Your health will improve substantially.

ORAC Units

Antioxidants are measured in ORAC (Oxygen Reduction Absorbance Capacity) Units.
I see doctors recommending daily targets of 100,000 ORAC units. I shoot for 300,000, which I accomplish mostly by consuming two nutritional supplements, dark chocolate (I make my own) and a few foods which I can fit in with my diet.
THIS WEBSITE lists the top antioxidant-rich food types.
To find  out more about nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants, Email Us
The primary cause of inflammation is eating foods high in sugars, gluten and pro-inflammatory omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) at the expense of foods high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 EFAs.
Changing to the high fat, low carb diet will generally take care of the issues, above. Omega-6 EFAs need special attention because with the introduction of mass produced, intensively farmed cereal grains as staple food, we’ve seen a steady increase of omega-6 EFAs at the expense of omega-3 EFAs. This has accelerated hugely over the past 50 years with cattle being fed more grains.
Added to that, omega-6 fatty acids, which are found also in processed seed and vegetable oils, especially soybean oil, of which our consumption has increased 1,400% in the past 50 years.
So, we need to eat foods rich in omega-3 EFAs (see my Parkinson’s Recovery Eating Plan) and take omega-3 nutritional supplements.
To find out more about nutritional supplements high in omega-3, CLICK HERE.
I first learned about the benefits of exercise to people with Parkinson’s when I came across the studies at the Cleveland Clinic into high-speed cycle pedaling and reduced Parkinson’s symptoms. See this video, HERE.  Jay Alberts, Ph.D. and the Center for Neurological Restoration have discovered that Parkinson’s patients who rode with a trainer peddling at 80-90 RPM for an hour three times a week showed a 35% increase in motor function.
Then, during a research visit to Austin, Texas, I listened to the personal testimonies of people with Parkinson’s whose movement abilities have been transformed by participating in Invigorate Physical Therapy sessions. See this video, HERE


For other organisations specializing in physical therapy for Parkinson’s and with local practitioners, you can go to these websites – Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery and PD Warrior.
Alternatively, simply enter the term ‘ boxing Parkinson’s’ for another approach which people say delivers results.
These are all intensive exercise-based programmes designed to drive neuroplastic change in people with Parkinson’s.
To read more on the benefits that exercise brings, download ‘Exercise – Getting The Balance Right’, HERE.


High levels of continuous stress places a great burden on our bodies and is a significant contributor to chronic disease.
Just as with other actions to deal with the Causes, it requires a clear plan of action to overcome stress.
Below, I suggest some techniques to overcome stress.
However, many people may find they need help to overcome deep seated, long lasting issues. You can either find a local therapist or access online services, such as those provided by Dr Joe Dispenza, HERE.

Techniques to overcome stress:

 Regular physical activity such as walking, cycling, swimming …..
Dancing …. ballroom, Latin American, Jive, Line Dancing etc, all have the virtues of taking you away from daily stress, involve exercise and stimulating neurogenesis.
Meditation will reduce anxiety and cortisol levels.
Some people have found that QiGong has not only relieved their stress but has caused their Parkinson’s symptoms to recede.
Try laughing ….. Listen to or watch something that you find funny.
Music is one of the most soothing mediums and, if you sing along with it, it is a powerful way to relieve stress. Join a choir or singing class.
The most important thing is to take action and challenge stress. You don’t have to accept stress, it’s within your power to facilitate change.
 ‘Energy Medicine’ requires thinking outside the box if you want to hold back the progression of your Parkinson’s and even reverse its symptoms.  It requires us to dispense with everything doctors have told us about chronic disease. Current medical practices are so rooted in the 1900s, whereas Energy Medicine is fit for the 21st century.
Healing is Voltage
I first became aware of energy medicine when I saw the book, Healing is Voltage by Dr Jerry Tennant, on the bookshelf of a practitioner who was helping me overcome mitochondrial dysfunction.
Before starting the therapy, I was required to do a pH test on my saliva and urine to establish the pH level of my body. When I enquired the purpose of the test, the practitioner told me that pH level is a key indicator of the level of health of a person.

What’s a healthy body type….acid or alkaline?

My practitioner told me that an adult body is healthy when it is alkaline ie when cells have a pH of 7.35 – 7.44. At a pH of 7.88, the body is able to make new cells.
When the pH falls to 7.26 we feel tired and fatigued. At 7.18 we’re sick.
At a pH of 7.00 the body becomes acidic. At a pH of 6.48 the body is heavily acidic and it is at this point that cancer occurs.

Where does voltage fit in?  

pH, which is shorthand for ‘potential hydrogen’ is really a measurement of voltage. Which means the body is electric.
If the cells have enough power, then all is well. The normal, healthy pH of 7.35 – 7.44 is a cell voltage of -20mV to -25mV. At that level, the cells have electron donor status.
To make new cells, we need a pH of 7.88, which is -50mV
At pH 6.91 ie +5mV and downwards to pH6.48 (+30mV) cells are acidic and have electron stealer status.
mV represents millivolts. If it has electron donor status, a minus ( – ) is placed in front of the number. A plus ( + ) sign is placed before the number of an electron stealer.
Electrons represent energy. When cells have enough energy, they function normally and can create new cells. It’s when cells have insufficient energy that trouble, ie chronic disease, sets in. Unless we redress that situation, and boost cellular energy, then chronic disease just gets worse and worse.
When this concept is clearly understood it’s just a matter of deploying the tools to boost the body’s supply of electrons and eliminating the things that drain electrons from the body.

Electron donors, and Electron Stealers

This chart will help you understand the difference between electron donors and stealers as it pertains to the human body.

Electron Stealer

Electron Donor

pH 0 – 6.9

pH 7.1 – 14.0



Causes Damage

Creates energy

Free Radical



When you look at the list of things that deplete the body of electrons ie energy, it all begins to make sense. We know certain things are not healthy, now we know why.
In no particular order, and the list is by no means comprehensive, here are the things that drain the body of electrons:
Tap water, chlorinated water, fluoride, most bottled water. These waters are acidic.
Carbonated drinks. Cola etc.
Caffeinated drinks. Coffee, tea etc
Alcoholic drinks.
Processed foods
Cooked foods
Frozen food
Infections, moulds etc
Moving air. Fans, air conditioning …

Where cells can get voltage

The Earth is a large electromagnet and provides a limitless source of electrons. Walk barefoot on dirt or grass and electrons will transfer freely from the Earth to your body.
Water from the ground contains electrons. As soon as chlorine, fluoride and other toxins are added that water becomes an electron stealer. We live in a world where, for the majority, access to pure ground water is impossible. My solution is to have a water filter which extracts toxins and re-mineralizes the water.
Raw food contains electrons.
Moving water is an electron donor. So, swimming in the sea or a river supplies voltage to the cells. Swimming in a pool steals electrons.
Being outdoors, especially in the sun, brings a source of electrons.
When we exercise, our muscles create electrons. Exercise is a major source for the body to create energy.

Living like our forefathers

When we describe how to get electrons (energy) for the body, we’re really describing the way our grandparents, great grandparents etc lived.
They performed physical work outdoors in sun and rain and were in contact with the Earth.
They stood in rivers fishing, drank water from a well, and ate fresh, unprocessed food.

How my health has been restored

I now understand how I have gone a long way to restoring my health. Without understanding quite why, the actions I have taken have reduced my exposure to electron stealers and increased my access to electron donors. Thereby, my cellular energy has been boosted and my chronic disease is receding.

Now that I understood this, I was ready to take the next step in harnessing the power of energy medicine.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Right at this juncture in my life and my quest for complete healing, I was introduced to an expert in energy medicine. From that moment on, my health restoration which up till now had been going well, it went on an entirely new trajectory.
The following shows what we did to make this happen.
I underwent a body-field scan, in my home, and the results were astonishing. It was all so quick and easy, and revealed exactly where all the problem areas lie and what was causing them.
The Body-Field acts as your body’s master control system and is the body’s intelligent, self-healing, self-correcting, energetic and informational structure that guides and directs the cells in their millions of daily activities.
Eastern medicine has used energy as the foundation of its healing practices for centuries. One of the names for this energy is “qi” or “chi” from Traditional Chinese Medicine. We already know the body is surrounded by fields of energy and also produces its own energy. The belief is: how freely this energy flows through the body determines your health.
Armed with the knowledge revealed by my body-field scan, we were able to plot a precise course of action to resolve the problems. Subsequent scans have revealed the progress I’m making and refining the actions I need for wellness.
The term “magnetic resonance stimulation” simply indicates that by applying a pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field, nearly all 75 trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy. This energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body.
Consistent home use is strongly correlated with increased energy balance resulting from the integrated whole-body stimulation of the immune metabolic, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.
This is sophisticated stuff. I purchased a Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS)  system and, within weeks, began to see material improvements in my strength and vitality.
Magnetic field therapy has a lot of history. For more than 3,500 years ancient cultures have used the healing power of magnets. During the Greco-Roman empire magnets were often used to heal different illnesses. The Egyptians researched the correlation and impact of the Earth’s magnetic field on human beings and animals. In the ancient civilizations of Central and North America the mystic and medical importance of magnetic field therapy was well known.
Today, magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) is widely used in hospitals and clinics as a diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, magnetic resonance has not been extended to therapeutic applications.
However, MRS systems are available commercially
The quality and suitability varies considerably. I have researched and experimented with several systems, if you want more information then please contact me at 
The SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Reflex) device was developed by a team of Russian doctors and scientists in the 1970’s to meet the requirement for a health device for use in space where portability, ease of use and effectiveness were of paramount importance.
Scenar technology allows the device to mimic nerve impulses in a biofeedback dialogue with the central nervous system, a dynamic communication that facilitates internal balance and the re-establishment of homeostasis.
The Scenar is operated by placing the electrode directly on the skin and, as the device moves over the skin, information is collected that identifies areas of ‘small asymmetry’ – pathology relating to tissues and organs connected via the ectodermic layer. Once located the Scenar begins prompting and stimulating the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (nerve chemicals that are generally regarded as the most powerful of healing elements) in a response that is immediate and long lasting.
I can only report as I find, and my personal experiences tell me that energy medicine, and these devices, are an essential element of health recovery that cannot be ignored.
Energy medicine goes back millennia and all that we are doing now is using technology to make it easy and simply available.
I could have written far more about this subject. To find out more about how and where to access energy medicine and the devices I use and trust, contact me, Colin Potter at
There are numerous  therapies and devices which claim to help with Parkinson’s symptoms. I have selected a few where there are credible personal testimonies of their effectiveness.
Simply click on the title to download the information.
Amino Acid Therapy
Low Dose Naltrexone
Nicotine Therapy

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