Beyond my Wildest Expectations



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Little did I know that four years after I’d been searching the internet for early symptoms Parkinson’s disease that now I’d have reversed all those symptoms and I’d be leading a life untroubled by the disease. This is all beyond my wildest expectations !

I’ve been off levodopa medication for a year now, too, and my health gets better and better. My early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease included painful rigidity in my back which was so sore I couldn’t rise out of a chair. My right arm would hang in front of me and I’d lost the use of my fingers. I stumbled as I walked and I’d get the most sudden urgency to empty my bladder. There were many more symptoms, but you get the idea; they’re classic Parkinson’s symptoms which I’d been explaining away as normal signs of ageing long before I was diagnosed.

Now, four years later, I’m better! The Parkinson’s symptoms are banished and I live free of the disease………… as long as I stick to the changes I made to my lifestyle.

You see, I started researching the causes of Parkinson’s disease and found a vast amount of authoritative studies by universities and clinical research bodies indicating what might be behind Parkinson’s. These studies showed that much of the neuronal inflammation is caused by faulty diet. I reasoned that by switching to the right diet I might at worst halt the damage being done to my brain.

 Well, the outcome has been beyond my wildest expectations. My Parkinson’s symptoms have reversed and I’m off the levodopa medication which my neurologist first prescribed, then doubled my dose.

I figured I had nothing to lose by adopting a new diet and making the necessary lifestyle changes. If it didn’t work out, Parkinson’s would still be waiting for me.

If you want to learn what the research says about what’s causing Parkinson’s and the healthy, natural actions you can take to effectively address those causes, read more on this website where you’ll find a wealth of practical information. These you can use to skill yourself up for the oncoming fight against your Parkinson’s symptoms. You’re in the right place. The knowledge and tools you need are all here at your disposal so that you, like me, can act effectively and reverse early Parkinson’s disease symptoms so you can live life to the full again.