Doctor Knows Best

Doctor Knows Best

Or does he?

CP678967When it comes to neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s, you wonder if doctors actually consider the evidence of their endeavour.

We all take the term ” Doctor knows best ” for granted and assume that it is correct, but almost without exception, every single person under their doctor’s care who is prescribed medication, sees their health worsen. Many people tell me that their Parkinson’s symptoms accelerated once they were prescribed levodopa, and they quickly acquired new symptoms.

Yet, the doctors’ answer to worsening symptoms is to prescribe increased doses of medication., often leading to a never-ending, drug-fuelled nightmare for the patient.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and again whilst expecting a different result.

But, that’s exactly where Western medicine is with current Parkinson’s treatment.

Healthy Nutrition was the Cornerstone of Medicine
Every Doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath and thereby dedicates their life to helping others. Yet it seems that the medical professional has long forgotten this father of medicine’s works and beliefs. Hippocrates very much believed in healthy nutrition as a cornerstone of medicine, indeed he thought it the best form of medicine. However his instructions to others of ‘heal the patient with food’ are words lost in time.

Research Studies Point to a Better Way
There are thousands of research studies, all pointing to a different, natural way of treating Parkinson’s and its symptoms. These studies fit with Hippocrates’ teachings, yet they are ignored by virtually every doctor.

We share the answers provided in these studies on these pages and on our website,

The rest is up to you. Follow doctor’s orders, and your further decline is guaranteed. Or, take charge of your health and seek answers that offer the opportunity for recovery.