You just have to laugh

You just have to laughYou just have to laugh

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the success French neurologist, Dr Gabriel Villafane was having with his Parkinson’s patients using nicotine patch therapy.
My attention was first drawn to this therapy on a Parkinson’s UK forum post where the charity had this to say:
‘These early studies using nicotine patches are showing some encouraging results. But we need much larger and longer studies before we know for sure whether nicotine patches are safe and effective for people with Parkinson’s to use as a long term treatment.’
How good do they think having Parkinson’s is that they think we might be worried about the safety of nicotine patches, which the French neurologist has been using for 10+ years? 
As soon as I read the forum, I researched nicotine and tried the patches out. That was over a year ago, and I’m still here!
Nicotine is accepted as having medicinal properties and there are numerous studies underway in the search for a nicotine-based drug. This includes two studies funded by Parkinson’s UK to the tune of £319,000 ($450,000).
Why doesn’t someone just research nicotine patches? They’re here now, inexpensive and brought in use very quickly.
Is there something that I don’t quite get?
You can read more about nicotine patch therapy on this website, at Parkinson’s Recovery. It might just provide the answer you’ve been looking for.