Where Might I Be Now With My Parkinson’s ?

Do it with a passion if you want it to workWhere Might I Be Now With My Parkinson’s ?

I often wonder, when I look at my Parkinson’s friends, what I’d be like if I hadn’t researched Parkinson’s thoroughly and pursued a path of nutrition, dietary supplementation and exercise.
Would I be suffering ‘on / off’ spells as I waited for my latest medication to kick in?
Would I be suffering painful dystonia or dyskinesias too?
Would I be freezing by now?
Of course, we’ll never know what might have been.
As it is though, a full 5 years after my diagnosis, and 8 years from the first clearly observable symptoms that I had suffered from, I now live very well and I’m hardly troubled by my Parkinson’s at all.
It takes self belief and relentless commitment to take positive lifestyle actions, though, and there’s no room for any half measures when it comes to our health.
You can read all I’ve done, and much more, right here on this website.