Don’t Trust Your Cancer Doctor

Don’t Trust Your Cancer Doctor, says specialist

Professor Karel Sikora, world respected oncologist and campaigner for better cancer treatment has written a book advising patients how better to survive cancer.
He could just as easily been talking about Parkinson’s!
Prof. Sikora is telling people that the health service is a system which does not exist to help them as individuals and they cannot simply trust their doctors and nurses to ensure that they get the best available treatment .

“The system is not actually there to help you — or at least not you alone.
“The system is there to maximise the quality of cancer treatment overall, to make sure the organisation and the people within it make a living and to make sure that the burden on society as a whole is not too great.”
He advises patients that they, and their relatives or friends, must start off by becoming extremely well informed about their particular condition.
How might this thinking apply to Parkinson’s? 
Start by learning about the condition yourself, not by just going to ‘establishment’ websites but by reading alternative sites.
Read the stories of people who have reversed their symptoms and live well with the condition.
Question what might be causing your Parkinson’s and have tests done to verify this.
Understand the true nature of drugs and understand the implications of taking them.
Talk to your doctor and discuss alternative approaches to treatment. After all, you have little to lose by trying an alternative therapy to drugs, which do not hold back the disease’s progression.
Above all, remember that doctors are treating hundreds or thousands of patients, and that they treat those patients within a system. A system which is failing many, many people.
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