Reviver Device Helps Parkinson’s Symptoms

Extraordinary coincidences keep happening to me and Isodynamics is amongst the most extraordinary of all.


Every year, around December/January/February time, Barbara and I visit Australia or, more precisely, Cronulla, a satellite coastal town approximately 40 minutes from Sydney. The purpose is to visit our son and two young grandsons, though it also suits us to escape the  UK winter.


Last January, on the second Tuesday of the month, the local free newspaper, wrapped in its plastic sleeve was, as ever, casually tossed on his driveway. There, it usually remains for a couple of days before being picked up and transferred to the recycling bin. Except, on this occasion and for the very first time, Graeme slipped the newspaper from its sleeved and skipped through its pages scanning their contents.


He doesn’t know what propelled him, on this occasion, to change his habits though I’m glad he did. Because, there on page 7 was an article titled ‘Parkinson’s Patient’s Hope’.  The article referred to the Isodynamics Reviver neuromuscular medical device which naturally fires up the body’s neural and nerve cell pathways, and lymphatic systems, getting positive results with people with chronic diseases, including Parkinson’s.


What made this an even more extraordinary coincidence was that the clinic, where the Reviver device was created and where people are treated, was just 5 miles (8 kilometres) from where I was staying. So, I hot footed it to the clinic and, over five sessions, tried out the Reviver device.


It was unreasonable to expect any changes over two weeks and five sessions, as three months is considered the minimum period for results to be realized. Nothing though is more powerful than personal testimonials, and at the clinic I met Barry who has Parkinson’s. He’d been using Reviver for three months and told me he’d seen a vast improvement in his tremor and balance.


The Reviver website, contains further testimonials and videos of Reviver in action.


I’m writing about Reviver not because it’s going to be available to Parkinson’s people everywhere but to show that there are answers that we’ve yet to hear about.