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Overwhelming Toxins – How Elimination Helped My Recovery From Parkinson’s

Each year, for three weeks in July, my favorite sporting event comes around – the Tour de France. Over a three-week marathon, sporting drama of the greatest endurance evolves where the cyclists display all human virtues – bravery, determination, skill etc. it never disappoints.


It’s practically the only sports event that I watch on TV and which brings me to the point of this blog. My viewing is confined to the hour-long edited highlights of that day’s cycling and the program is punctuated by commercial breaks. Of the many commercials, three caught my eye:


  1. A lime scale removal liquid which you apply to shower screens etc in the bathroom, which ‘leaves everything sparkling and smelling fresh


  1. Granules, which you spread over carpets and which penetrate the fibers. When you then vacuum ‘you pick up all that deep down dirt leaving your carpets cleaner and smelling fresher’.


  1. A spray which you apply to bed linen etc to keep it ‘smelling fresh’



Needless to say, each of these products is a concoction of chemicals which are hostile to the human body. Furthermore, they’re a tip of an iceberg of toxic household products manufactured for our convenience and for profit of the manufacturer. Not only are these products unnecessary they can extract a toll on our health.


A key part of my personal recovery protocol has been the elimination of all such household and personal care products and their replacement with organic, natural ones.