Dealing with Anxiety


This is an interesting story about dealing with anxiety, with has a fascinating ending.


I am very lucky. I’ve never suffered from anxiety. Not for one second. Not even after my diagnosis. So, I learned a lot from Christine, who has Parkinson’s and has been suffering acute anxiety. I had no idea just how crippling this condition was. It was a giant obstacle standing in the way between Christine and any efforts to deal with her Parkinson’s. As much as we tried to encourage her to improve her diet, take exercise etc, this giant, invisible blockage was in the way. 


If I had anxiety, my first port of call would be to improve my gut microbiome as research shows an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria is a major factor in mood and brain health. This is covered in detail in the book, The Psychobiotic Revolution by Scott Anderson. 


However, Christine approached it differently. A friend, who also suffered with anxiety, told Chris of the success she’d had in treating her condition with homeopathy. So Christine sought out Dr Hardy, the medically trained doctor now homeopath, who, with one remedy, eliminated her anxiety within 3 days.


An astonishing, life-changing outcome. When I next met Christine, I couldn’t believe the transformation in her. An astonishing, life-changing outcome. She was able to leave her house, travel, meet friends and, most importantly, start dealing with her Parkinson’s symptoms.  


Homeopathy, like many other remedies, may not work for you, though it’s surely worth a try. You just never know.