Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is a symptom that I get lots of emails about, and I have four good friends, all with Parkinson’s, suffering from chronic anxiety. This is the story of how one of those friends, Christine, showed the way in overcoming her anxiety.


Like many other symptoms that accompany a Parkinson’s diagnosis, I believe anxiety has its origins in the same causes (ie nutritional deficiencies, toxins etc) as classic Parkinson’s (eg tremor, loss of function, rigidity). One thing is for sure, levodopa medication doesn’t fix anxiety.


My research has always revealed that chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression start in the gut with an imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria ie dysbiosis. Confirmation of this can be found in the book, The Psychobiotic Revolution by Scott Anderson.


Repairing the dysbiosis takes time and Christine needed instant results as her anxiety was crippling. Not only blocking her efforts to overcome her Parkinson’s but undermining every aspect of her life.


One potential solution was medication, though that can be accompanied by added complications labeled as ‘side-effects’. For example, one commonly prescribed anti-anxiety drug has ‘worsening of Parkinson’s symptoms’ listed as its most common side effect.


Fortunately, a friend had found a homeopathic doctor who was having success with his remedies helping patients overcome their anxiety. Three days after her first consultation, and taking her first remedy, Christine’s anxiety was resolved and her life transformed.


You just never know where the answer might lie, we just have to be prepared to try such concepts. I’m prepared to give most things a go in my search for answers and am being treated by the homeopath, www.drjonathanhardy.co.uk His consultations can be conducted at his clinic or over the internet.