Power to reduce risk of Parkinson’s progression

The power to reduce risk of Parkinson’s progression

 I am always searching for answers as to what might cause Parkinson’s and, if I know that, the preemptive actions I can take to overcome the cause. So, my attention was immediately grabbed when I read the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s interview with neuroscientist, Dr Oliver Phillipson who for 40 years has been studying the effects of aging on Parkinson’s disease.


Dr Phillipson’s specialism centres around the association of normal aging, mitochondrial dysfunction, and abnormal energy metabolism with the condition of PD. Mitochondria are the powerhouse (batteries) in each cell. It’s obvious that, if they’re dysfunctional the cell isn’t going to work.


Dr Phillipson then, helpfully, comes up with an action plan of nutritional supplements we can take to restore mitochondrial function and reduce the impact of disease progression.His current advice for those wishing to employ these supplements is as follows:


1) Slow release melatonin, 2mg at night;

2) Alpha lipoic acid 200-400mg per day and acetyl-L-carnitine 250-500mg per day, both taken together, starting with the lower dose, right after a meal, and in divided dose for the higher dose.

3) Coenzyme Q10 200mg per day, rising slowly (month by month) until control is achieved, not exceeding 800mg maximum per day, in divided doses, then 200-400mg per day as maintenance dose / in divided doses.

4) Vitamin E (400IU once a day with coenzyme Q)

5) Acetyl-L-carnitine 250mg at night.


I have been following this formula for a year now, with good results. You can read the entire interview at Dr Phillipson Interview