A Close Escape

Cocktail of DrugsA Close Escape

Last night, I posted the BBC broadcast about ‘how drugs turned a dad into a gambling addict’. The bit that really captured my attention was right at the beginning when the man’s wife stated that, at diagnosis, left side not able to use very well, couldn’t move left arm, no expression on his face. Typical Parkinson’s symptoms.He was prescribed agonist drugs at the outset, and the man’s wife pondered what might have evolved had he not taken drugs.
I think I can answer that. I can relate to his situation because my symptoms were stiff right side, loss of function in right hand, right arm wouldn’t swing, right leg dragged, loss of facial expression, painful lumbar rigidity and more.
Something stopped me accepting the proffered drugs upon my diagnosis. I don’t know why or what stopped me. Probably, it lies somewhere between my innate dislike of drugs and the casual way the neurologist put forward the proposal. Allied to that was the distrust engendered at his shockingly inadequate examination of me before declaring I had Parkinsonism.
Some time later, I started researching the internet for up to 12 hours a day to understand potential causes of Parkinson’s. Based on the research studies I read, I took action, changing my diet, addressing nutritional deficiencies, eliminating toxins, taking exercise.
Right now, 5 years after my diagnosis and 8 years after my first observable symptoms, I live very well and I am minimally troubled by Parkinson’s. I know now that, should my situation change and require some intervention, there are numerous and, in my opinion, better alternatives to medications.
Will this work for everyone? I don’t know. What I do know is that I had nothing to lose by exploring natural alternatives to drugs which do nothing to hold back Parkinson’s progression. I was very lucky that something held me back from taking medication, as my symptoms would, in all probability, have advanced significantly.