How much can eating the right kind of diet change things?

The best way toHow much can eating the right kind of diet change things?

A report in yesterday’s Times stated that:

‘The biggest pilot study of a low-carbohydrate diet to treat type 2 diabetes has shown that it may successfully control the condition.

A review of more than 80,000 people who ditched their low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet found that their blood glucose levels dropped after ten weeks. The results have led doctors to call for an overhaul of official dietary guidelines.

The study came about as a consequence of a revolt by patients in which 120,000 people signed up to the “lowcarb” diet plan launched by the online forum in a backlash against official advice.’ 

So, if a change of diet can affect diabetes, can it do the same for Parkinson’s?

Dr T B VanItallie’s led study of scientists at Columbia University, New York found that the low-carbohydrate diet led to a 43% reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms within 28 days.

So, we’re faced with a choice. Listen to mainstream medical opinion or pursue a path with doctors who are getting results?

I chose the latter, and live well with my Parkinson’s. Others are doing the same and living better, too.

As ever, my website www.fight-parkinsons.orgshares plenty of information on the subject.