Organic Sulphur is vital to health

Organic sulphurOrganic Sulphur is vital to health !

Organic sulphur is an essential element for all kinds of lifeforms, including humans – without it, we breakdown!

It is widely used in our biochemical processes. Sulphur is one of the most important of all the trace minerals. It helps the body use and transport oxygen round all its systems. It enables the transport of oxygen across individual cell membranes, and oxygen is also necessary for healthy cellular regeneration in mammals. Without intracellular oxygen, unfortunately we tend to degenerate.

The things it accomplishes for us are pretty wide ranging. It decreases pressure inside our cells. It removes fluids and toxins and affects the cell membrane. It’s  present in all cells and creates sulfate compounds with sodium, potassium, selenium and magnesium. It flushes out heavy metals, regenerates, repairs and rebuilds every cell in the body. People with joint and muscle pain report noticeable improvements in their symptoms, level of pain and stiffness.

Plants are able to store sulphur whereas we (and other mammals) cannot. So we need fresh supplies of it on a daily basis just to maintain health and to function normally. The earth has always had active volcanoes which have very generously spewed out vast amounts of sulphurous rocks and dust. This organic sulphur has been taken up in the seas and rain/water cycle, feeding all plant life with the sulphur. Grazing animals would eat it and produce manure containing it which was spread by farmers on the land they farmed. We then used to eat sulphur  in the food crops we harvested. More dust and rain would provide the sulphur supplies for the next lot of crops and so the cycle went round again.

Unfortunately the use of modern chemical fertilisers (and the absence of manure on fields )makes soils – which used to provide us with sulphur now completely devoid of it, so chemical fertilisers have broken the natural sulphur cycle. We are forced to look elsewhere for organic sulphur as it doesn’t look like our farmers are going to go back to muck spreading and traditional four year crop rotation methods any time soon, they are too busy chasing yield with the use of chemicals.

Finland made the connection between their soaring disease rates and chemical fertilisers back in 1985.

They took a really hard look at chemical fertilisers then simply banned all of them, because they were worried about the levels of cadmium.  At the time they were not knowledgeable about the sulfur connection or the Krebs cycle. But since they banned the chemical fertilisers, they have become a leading supplier of completely organic foods in Europe.

Interestingly Finland’s disease rates have dropped to one tenth of the 1985 levels. In the USA, where chemical fertilisers are the norm, their disease levels have sky rocketed and continue to do so.

I have been looking around for some time for the best quality organic sulphur crystals available to support my health. So far these have continued to come up trumps. It is important to leave 30 minutes between taking Organic sulphur and any other supplements or any of your medications because artificial chemicals and anti-caking agents which have been added to pills, capsules etc will cancel out the benefits of the organic sulphur crystals.

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