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I get a lot of people write into me. One of the issues mentioned pretty frequently is poor sleep and what can be done to improve it.

A 56 year old lady who has been struggling for years to get a decent nights sleep has been trying out a remedy I’d uncovered. Connecting to the Earth (it’s called Earthing) has, for the past 5 months, restored her sleep cycle. It’s a miracle as far as she is concerned, so I thought I’d share with you what she has done in case sleeping well is a challenge for you too.

First though, let me share the science behind it. Planet Earth is like a giant battery, which our ancestors trod barefoot, or slept in contact with. Doing this, they routinely charged their bodies with electrons. The Earth’s bountiful supply of electrons quenched the free radicals we all have in our bodies. Doing this, they dampened down inflammation. Thus, early people lived lives which were healthier, free of chronic disease, and they slept well too.

Fast forward to today where we wear rubber soled shoes all day. We live in insulated homes and drive insulated cars. We are no longer in constant contact with the Earth, as nature originally intended. So we are not accessing her bountiful supply of electrons either – which we need to keep inflammation down. We pay a high price for this. We suffer from a growing list of chronic conditions and many of us suffer from chronic insomnia.

Now, it’s a bit difficult to go about barefoot and sleep outside on a bed of moss, but here’s what I recommend, based on my experiences with this lady.

Experts have designed a really practical way we can all be in contact with the Earth for many hours each day. They designed a cotton “earthing bed sheet” which is threaded through with silver thread in a fine grid work. The sheet is connected to the Earth via the electric wall socket. No electricity passes through the lead; it merely puts you in contact with the Earth whilst you sleep.   The earthing sheet has bestowed a decent night’s sleep on this lady – for the first time in years.

She got her Earthing sheet from the principal supplier, here –

Sheets are available in all sizes. Just measure your mattress to find which will be best fit for yours. I use an Earthing pillow case, too so the maximum possible amount of me is in contact with the earth.

I sleep even better these days and the Earthing process damps down inflammation in my body. It’s one of my strategies to maintain good health! Whenever I get the opportunity, and it’s sufficiently warm outside, I walk outside barefoot on the grass – just as nature always intended