Knowledge is Power

Never stop learning, knowledge is power!Never Stop Learning, Knowledge Is Power
The drive to learn all I could about the possible causes of Parkinson’s and how to address them is what has helped me find most of the answers to my symptoms and allowed me to live well despite having the condition.

It seemed only natural, though, that having found the answers to my Parkinson’s I’d want to share this learning with others in the same predicament.

That was 18 months ago and, I thought that if switching to a special nutrition plan, and eliminating toxins would work for me, then it would work for others. I soon learned though, when I came into contact with others with Parkinson’s what a complex and complicated condition it is. 

I learned to that, when you toss medications into the equation, and people’s response to drugs, it really does make their symptoms and situation even more complicated. 

That has spurred me onto even more intense research to find answers which I could share with others in the hope that they, too, might halt the progression of their disease.

Some of these are ancient remedies, after all, people were living with Parkinson’s long before drugs entered the scene around 50 years ago.

Some are remedies which, like Amino Acid Therapy, are refinements of old herbal remedies where scientists have applied new learning.

I share these potential remedies here on my website, in the hope that others might find a path to a better quality of life and live well with their Parkinson’s. There’s much more research and potential answers I’ll be publishing in coming days.

Faced with the no-hope message of incurable and degenerative, I felt I had nothing to lose by pursuing an alternative path. I was rewarded with substantial recovery. My fervent wish is to see others enjoy better life, too.