Diagnosed 24 years ago, and now medication free

Clear your head with a little daily walkingDiagnosed 24 years ago, and now medication free!

This is the story of John Pepper who has used intensive walking exercise as his principal therapy for his Parkinson’s symptoms. He last took medication TEN years ago.
As he says on his website, http://www.reverseparkinsons.net:
I can now WALK, without shuffling!
I can now bring a GLASS of WINE to my mouth, without spilling it!
I can now SWALLOW FOOD, without choking!
I no longer DRIBBLE!
I can now SPEAK, without slurring my words.
I can now SING, without stopping, because I my mind goes blank!
I can now DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE, without any squiggles!
I can now SMILE, with the same old facial expression
It’s well worth going to John’s website and reading his book.
Don’t be discouraged if you’re currently being ravaged by Parkinson’s and thinking that walking any distance is beyond you. Work with a therapist or helper, and start taking a few steps. You may be surprised at how quickly you can progress.
You can find plenty more on the right nutrition, exercise and many other actions you can take to challenge your Parkinson’s here on this ¬†website.