Nicotine – It’s not the bad guy

Nicotine patch therapy for websiteNicotine – It’s not the bad guy!
By changing your thoughts and acting upon them, you can change your world. 
If we don’t like something in our lives then we need to change it. 
Parisian neurologist, Dr Gabriel Villafane, observed that his patients when using medications, suffered further deterioration. He wanted better for them.
He learned that nicotine played an important role in the regulation and stimulation of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, and began to use nicotine patch therapy with his patients.
Before long, his patients were reporting that their Parkinson’s had ceased to progress and that symptoms were reversing. Even patients with a 10 or 20 year diagnosis were giving amazing testimonials of progress.
Dr Villafane has been treating his patients with this therapy for over 10 years now.
Is he alone in this? Well, not exactly. Scientists have woken up to the potential of nicotine and its role in treating neurodegenerative disease. There’s a race on to develop new drugs.
My question is simple. Why wait for drugs to be developed? Nicotine patch therapy is available now and has the potential to change people’s lives NOW.
You’ll find my report on nicotine patch therapy, including details of how to contact Dr Villafane’s clinic, on our Nicotine Therapy page
I’ll be writing more about this therapy in coming days.