Vitamin C: An Amazing Story

I sit here in a privileged position. I receive many emails asking for advice and information. I answer every one in person.


Now and again someone writes to me and shares information from which I learn a great deal. This leads me to Vitamin C.


I recently received an email from Rosa whose husband is coming under pressure from his neurologist and Parkinson’s nurse to take levodopa. Although troubled by symptoms and in need of relief, they are well researched and know that medication does not prevent the disease’s progression.      


In addition, their past experience leads them to believe that there are better alternative therapies that can lead to complete healing if the cause is identified and treated. That past experience is where vitamin C comes into the picture.


Rosa told me, ‘About 5 years ago, Rob was recommended a heart bypass for a blockage in a bend in an artery that couldn’t be treated with a stent.


We researched and came across Dr Sydney Bush. He has recently died in his 90’s, but for 3 years we came under his guidance to reverse heart disease.  Large doses of sodium ascorbate, and Lycene are the answer, as well as diet.


The medical profession didn’t want to know, but medical colleagues have written obituaries to the effect that he should have had a Nobel prize for his discoveries.


Certainly it has worked for Rob and he no longer has angina.’


You can view Dr Bush on YouTube –


Detoxification Agent

I’ve found research studies which refer to vitamin C’s role in detoxing heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals are a group of toxins associated with the onset of Parkinson’s.


Other studies refer to vitamin C’s role as an antioxidant, clearing the body of damaging free radicals.


Back In Time

My naturopathic doctor recommends that I take high doses (7,000mcg) of vitamin C per day. Partly because the diet of our hunter / gatherer forefathers’ diet was much richer in vitamin C than our typical diet today. Richer by 1,000 times.


I’d do it for that reason alone though, to think I clean up my arteries at the same time, makes it even more compelling.