The Leaky Roof

leaky roofHow I reversed my Parkinson’s symptoms and started to live well despite having the disease.I saw big trouble ahead, when I learned that my neurologist showed no interest in what might be causing my Parkinson’s, and was only interested in giving me drugs to help with my early symptoms Parkinson’s disease. To me, that was like getting the builder in to deal with the rising damp without getting him to fix the roof first. If water is gushing through the roof every time it rains, and the holes in the roof are getting bigger every time, then its pointless putting buckets on the floor to catch the water.So it is with Parkinson’s. If you don’t fix what’s causing the neuronal damage, then the damage to the brain (roof) is only going to get worse and, eventually, drugs (buckets) aren’t going to be effective. This is precisely what happens to people with Parkinson’s as they go on a medically-supervised path of decline. That just didn’t make sense to me, and it made even less sense when my research started to turn up authoritative studies, published by university and clinical research bodies, which revealed likely causes of the neuronal damage.

Damage, which was largely caused by eating the wrong foods. Damage, which might be arrested by eating the right foods. I took action and changed my diet and started taking specific health supplements and, within months my Parkinson’s symptoms began to recede. Now, two years’ later, I lead a life pretty much free of Parkinson’s and its symptoms and I ceased taking levodopa medication a year ago

You can read everything I’ve written about causes of Parkinson’s, my diet, my supplements regime etc on this website. Absolutely everything I say and do is based upon scientific research – all of which is conveniently disregarded by our doctors who clearly don’t believe our roofs can be fixed.

If I may give just one piece of advice, it’s this – don’t delay in taking action. Act whilst you still have sufficient neuronal function.