Is It Parkinson’s Or Is It Something Else?

Is It Parkinson’s Or Is It Something Else? 

nutritional supplementsHow many of us are being misdiagnosed?

How many of us are being prescribed levodopa which will never fix our symptoms?

I went to Austin, Texas for two reasons.

Firstly, to have thorough testing done to establish whether I had toxins in my body

Secondly, to find out where I had nutritional deficiencies

Answers to these questions contribute to my understanding of the causes of my symptoms and create the pathway to a personalised course of remedial action.

In so doing, I hope to demonstrate to you that, by seeking the help of a professional, you can find your personal route to recovery.

I was really interested, therefore, to receive this link, from fellow Austin traveller Brian, which shows how Joan was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s and had her symptoms fixed within days.


The answer is to have yourself checked out thoroughly before you accept any diagnosis of Parkinson’s.