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Toxic Fumes And Parkinson’s

Toxic Fumes

The more I study the causes of Parkinson’s, and the more emails and messages I receive, the more that I am drawn to the conclusion that our exposure to toxins is the biggest single factor in our developing Parkinson’s.


A case in point is this message that I received from Mike:


‘My dad and my uncle, who were not blood relations, both worked on the roads laying tarmac (ie asphalt). My dad drove the machine, where he was in contact with diesel exhaust fumes but both had endured tarmac fumes. Both of them got Parkinson’s.’


This begs the question, ‘why did they get Parkinson’s and their colleagues didn’t?’ The answer seems to lie in the body’s detoxification pathways. Those of us with suboptimal pathways are at risk of developing chronic disease.


We don’t have to be exposed to this type of work to be exposed to toxic fumes. Everyday life increasingly exposes us all to a virtual torrent of toxins, most of which are invisible to us. All manufacturing processes use toxic materials. That new car which smells so fresh? It’s a cocktail of toxins!


Many of these toxins are hard to avoid, though that doesn’t mean you’re rendered helpless.


I’m approaching this issue in three ways.


            I have a sample of hair tested to reveal my toxin levels


            I have my results analysed by an expert practitioner


            I follow a detoxification protocol set out by my practitioner