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Root Canals – If only I had known about the health risks!


Root canals

Each time that I’ve had a root canal treatment on a tooth, and I have undergone four such treatments, the dentist has finished his work by saying, ‘well, I’ve saved that tooth for you!’


If I knew then, all those years ago, what I know now about root canals, I’d have had the offending tooth extracted. Far from saving a tooth the unknowing dentist was exposing me to a plethora of health risks. These risks were spelt out to me in the book, Toxic Dentistry Exposed. It was written by dentist, Dr Graeme Munro-Hall. The same risks were re-iterated in the documentary video, Root Cause, which I viewed on Netflix.


The message shared by both, is that a root canal treated tooth is a dead tooth, where toxic bacteria gathers. This is where it gets really interesting.


Every tooth is connected to a separate meridian line, which runs through the body. The following is an explanation of meridians.


Meridian Pathways

There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other. Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ. And each organ, with its own physiological and invisible energy functions, is not only dependent on the other organ systems, but also on the greater meridian network.


So, if you have a liver problem, it may be because the liver meridian ends on a root canal tooth which is releasing toxic bacteria.


It was put to me this way – Surgeons remove dead tissue from the body to prevent infection setting in. We wouldn’t expect otherwise. So why, would we think it wise to leave a decaying tooth in place?


My Next Step

Having learned all this I wished to eliminate it as a possible cause of my Parkinson’s symptoms. So I sought out my holistic dentist to have my four teeth extracted and replaced with implants or bridges.


It has been an eighteen month long process.


First, the extraction which, after the removal of the tooth, required 1mm of the surrounding jaw bone to be cleared away, to remove all possible infected tissue and then the remaining area was treated with ozone. The second part of the treatment saw the hole being filled with replacement bone before the gum was stitched together. After six months of healing, I was ready to have a bridge or implant fitted.


Now, after 18 months, my source of bacterial infection and mercury toxicity is finally removed and so my detoxification can begin.