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So That’s Why The High Fat Diet Works For Parkinson’s



I’ve followed a high-fat, low-carb diet ever since I read of a study at New York’s Columbia University with Parkinson’s patients. After 30 days of pursuing the diet, the eight Parkinson’s subjects saw an average reduction of 34% in their symptoms as measured on the UPDRS scale.

I’ve pursued many therapies though remain convinced that the high-fat diet is the principal reason why I have managed to halt my disease’s progression and reversed symptoms. I know the diet works, though I didn’t know why ……… until now, thanks to a health article in a national newspaper (Daily Telegraph) in the UK.

Referring to the ability of the high fat diet to eliminate seizures in people with epilepsy, the article said, ‘The diet’s efficacy, subsequently confirmed in formal clinical trials, is attributed to the phenomenon of ketosis, where a slight acidification of the blood from the metabolism of fat reduces the “excitability” of the nervous tissue of the brain.’

The article then goes on to mention the diet’s ability to ‘be of value in other difficult to treat or poorly controlled neurological conditions.’ It refers to a group of researchers in New Zealand who reported that the diet brought about a ‘substantial improvement in the symptoms of tremor, fatigue and cognitive impairment in a group of patients with Parkinson’s.’

I know the high fat, low carb diet works. Not only because of its positive effect with me, but because other people report similar outcomes. It is interesting to know why it works.