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Why Do I Think I Got Parkinson’s?

My research takes me to the nooks and crannies of the internet in my search for answers to Parkinson’s. in particular, I look to neurological diseases such as MS, Alzheimer’s, ALS (or motor neurone disease), which I see as cousins of Parkinson’s,  for solutions.


If people are healing themselves of these diseases, surely that will hold a clue to healing Parkinson’s.


A YouTube video presentation by Palmer Kippola titled How I Reversed My MS looked interesting particularly when I came to the bit where she posed the question, “Why Do I Think I Got MS?’


This seemed very profound because asking that question leads us away from the body’s immune cells attacking themselves and towards the question, ‘what made this happen? ’ Because it’s only  by facing up to what we’ve done or what’s been done to us that we can begin  to address the causes of our disease and give ourselves a chance to heal.


Palmer comes up with the acronym FIGHTS for the causes behind MS. That stands for:










These are, of course, just heading each of which covers many different aspects / causes.


By, unwittingly, asking that question of myself 6 years ago, I have gradually unraveled the causes of and the answers to my Parkinson’s. I might have achieved my current state if I’d come up with the succinct question that Palmer poses.


You can view her video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqjzXuupAas