Parkinson’s and Diet – The Link


Greens high in alpha lipoic acid

In this short item, I tell you how I managed to overcome my Parkinson’s disease symptoms and regain my health, by looking at Parkinson’s and Diet – the link.

After my diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, I did what everyone else does, I started searching the internet to learn more about how I could overcome Parkinson’s disease symptoms. By understanding that, or symptoms of Parkinsonism, I was looking for answers as to what actions I might take to control manage them.

My neurologist, at my initial consultation, had offered me drugs, but I declined as I wanted to know more. One thing was bugging me about my neurologist’s approach, and that was that he didn’t show any interest as to what might be the cause of my Parkinson’s. He was just talking about easing the symptoms.

To my simple way of thinking, Parkinson’s was the problem and, as with all problems, you look for the causes and fix them. As no-one other than me seemed interested in finding the cause and doing something about it, I made it my mission to come up with answers.

A chance introduction to a book by enlightened neurologist, Dr David Perlmutter set me on my way. In Grain Brain, Dr Perlmutter showed how inflammation in the brain, caused by unhealthy diet, was behind chronic neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s disease. Grain Brain introduced me to the US government database of millions of independent research studies, most by university research establishments, into health matters. There are thousands of studies into the causes of Parkinson’s and potential treatments and therapies.

I decided to embrace the findings of these studies which revealed that sugars, carbohydrates and gluten could well be behind the inflammation causing my Parkinson’s. Other studies showed a specific natural, healthy diet was capable of reducing Parkinson’s symptoms. Then there were other studies which revealed that Parkinson’s people typically were deficient in specific nutrients, molecules and vitamins.

On this website you can read about what the research has to say about causes of Parkinson’s, my diet and the vitamins I’ve taken for the past two years. During this period, my Parkinson’s symptoms have reversed, I no longer take the drugs I reluctantly started and feel incredibly health.

I can’t give advice on any aspect of Parkinson’s treatment but I can say this, if you’re thinking about taking control of your health, start acting upon your Parkinson’s disease symptoms early.