My Research Begins


parkinsons_authoritave_research-285x285Read here about the actions I took to fix my Parkinson’s causes and how I now live free of Parkinson’s symptoms and free of drugs, too….actions I took as a result of research.

I am Colin Potter. 66 years old and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for four years. Only there’s a big difference me and everyone else with Parkinson’s; I’m getting better rather than getting worse. Since I learned about Parkinson’s causes and have taken action, my symptoms have receded and I’m no longer troubled by the disease.

My doctors are confounded by my improvement especially as, two years ago, my neurologist was doubling my levodopa medication. Now, I no longer require medication, having stopped my Madopar over a year ago.

I was astonished when, upon delivering my diagnosis, my neurologist showed no interest in trying to establish any of my Parkinson’s causes. He simply stated that I had Parkinson’s and that I needed to take drugs to help mitigate its symptoms.

This was the first time that I’d been presented with a problem and no-one was interested in its cause. This ran contrary to the guiding principles of my life. After all, I’d run my own businesses for 30 years and you don’t get anywhere in business if you aren’t a problem solver.

So, I picked up my laptop and entered the search term ‘Parkinson’s Disease Causes’. It wasn’t long before I found PubMed. This is the online database of the US National Library of Medicine where you can read the published medical research studies from the likes of universities and clinical research centres worldwide.

PubMed contains over 25 million studies into a wide variety of conditions, and there staring me in the face were thousands of pieces of research into Parkinson’s disease causes, all seemingly ignored by the doctors treating us.

It seemed a no-brainer to me to be guided by research, such as the study by Columbia University, New York which showed that stripping carbohydrates and sugar from the diet reduced the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients by 43% in 28 days!

So, I changed my diet, and started taking nutritional supplements to resolve the nutrient and vitamin deficiencies which the research showed were the case in virtually all Parkinson’s people

Now, 2 years later my Parkinson’s symptoms have reversed and I live very well although I still have the underlying Parkinson’s condition.

We’re each in a race against time with Parkinson’s and the sooner you take action, the greater your potential to halt the onward march of your Parkinson’s disease.