My progress after 2 years

Colin BenchRead here to find out what actions I took to fix my Parkinson’s disease cause and how I now  have made so much progress that I live free of Parkinson’s symptoms and free of drugs, too. I am Colin Potter. 66 years old and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for four years, though the signs were there at least two years earlier. I was shocked that my neurologist made no attempt to establish what was causing my Parkinson’s, and that he simply suggested that I take drugs to help with my Parkinson’s symptoms.I felt I was being abandoned to my fate, and that no attempt was being made to fix the problem. This just didn’t make sense to me as, throughout my life my approach has always been, ‘if you have a problem, fix it’. Because, if you don’t it will just get worse; exactly what happens with Parkinson’sSo, I began to research my possible Parkinson’s disease cause. I soon uncovered helpful books like best seller, Grain Brain, by eminent US neurologist Dr David Perlmutter which pointed me in the right direction

Then I found PubMed, the online database of the US National Library of Medicine which stores the published medical research studies from the likes of universities and clinical research centres from all over the world. It features over 25 million studies into a wide variety of conditions, including thousands into Parkinson’s disease.

I uncovered hundreds of independent studies by these research bodies which indicated possible Parkinson’s disease causes. Guess what? They’re all ignored by doctors, who simply tread the route mapped out by drugs companies, whilst their Parkinson’s patients get sicker and sicker.

Two years ago, I started taking action to fix each possible cause. Now, 2 years later my Parkinson’s symptoms have reversed and I live very well despite having an underlying Parkinson’s condition. I stopped taking levodopa medication one year ago. I fixed my diet and took quality dietary supplements like Omega-3, Vitamin D3 and antioxidants, all nutrients which the research showed the average Parkinson’s person was deficient.

Now, I leave no stone unturned in my efforts to maintain control over my Parkinson’s symptoms. To read the story of my journey, the possible Parkinson’s disease causes and the natural, healthy actions I took to free myself of this disease, read more on this website.