Message of Hope

colinFor many of us, Christmas is seen as a time of hope. Today, I’d like to share a Message of Hope with all those people with Parkinson’s, their families and carers.

  • Things can change for the better.
  • Chronic symptoms can be reversed.
  • You can feel well again.

I’ve shared my story of how, steadily over the past two years, my Parkinson’s symptoms have receded to the point that they barely exist and I feel healthier than I have felt in years. I’m off all medication, too.

Others, too, are now sharing their own Message of Hope with others in the form of stories on these pages of how they are overcoming their Parkinson’s symptoms, reducing their medication, and living much better.

This is being accomplished by moving away from the diet, rich in carbohydrates, sugar and gluten, which is toxic to our brains, and supplementing our new diet with vitamins and nutrients in which we are deficient.

Where, you may ask, does this leave people with very advanced Parkinson’s, where a change of diet having any kind of impact seems a fanciful dream? This is really where my Message of Hope may lead to something special.

Earlier this year I encountered a therapy which is having remarkable long term results with people with advanced Parkinson’s symptoms. I have introduced a few people to the Amino Acid Therapy, and this is what one person wrote me last week:

“my walking was so much better that I stopped using my stick after 24 hours, balance much improved as was my posture, the plodding step was gone along with the wooden arm and my wife said my facial expressions were back to normal. Sleeping is great, usually after 7am before I wake up and I don’t fall asleep during the day – well maybe occasionally to tell the truth. The shakes got better but have worsened slightly later on but still not as bad as before. The doctor says it should be just a case of adjusting the supplements until we find the correct dosage. Everyone is saying how well I look and I must admit I do feel better now.”

When did you last hear someone with Parkinson’s say that?

Amino Acid Therapy; is a method of introducing adequate amounts of levodopa to the brain, which brings prompt relief from symptoms, without inducing unpleasant side-effects attributable to conventional medications. It’s administered under the guidance of a doctor.

If I may conclude by saying, contrary to conventional medical thinking, Parkinson’s is NOT necessarily an incurable, degenerative disease.

You just have to be prepared to do something different if you want a change of outcome.