Don’t Accept Progressive Degeneration

Colin 10Don’t just accept progressive degeneration.If you’re searching, trying to find answers to managing Parkinson’s and looking for ways to cause it to go into remission, then you have landed in the right place.

My name is Colin Potter and I’ve had Parkinson’s for over five years. Only I have reversed my symptoms, I’m no longer on medications and I live pretty much free of the condition.

I learned that there were two paths you can take. There’s the path pursued by doctors, of accepting progressive degeneration and taking drugs, which may help temporarily with symptoms (the emphasis here is on may) and which have many side-effects.

Or, there’s a path laid out in several, authoritative books and supported by vast numbers of research studies, which shows that Parkinson’s is largely caused by environmental and lifestyle choices which, if corrected, can halt the disease’s progression and can cause it to go into remission.

I read every research paper and book there was on the subject and made the required changes to my lifestyle which was, in fact, mostly dietary. My reward? Two years later I’ve kicked Parkinson’s medication into touch, my symptoms have evaporated and I live a life untroubled by Parkinson’s.

You can read about my journey in my book, Parkinson’s Disease – How I Reversed My Symptoms and Reclaimed My Life here.

You can download my recipe book, too, plus other publications which show you what actions you can take to seize control and change the course of your Parkinson’s.

Of course, there are no guarantees of achieving the same success as me. Parkinson’s is a highly complex condition and there can be a wide variance in each person’s symptoms.

I worked on the basis that I had nothing to lose. If the dietary changes didn’t work then I could always revert to the conventional approach of medication and decline.