Designing an Enhanced Diet

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Read here about the actions I took to fix my Parkinson’s disease cause and how I now live free of Parkinson’s symptoms and free of Parkinson’s drugs, too. I am Colin Potter. 66 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s four years ago. Two years’ ago, I began my research into Parkinson’s disease causes and soon found answers which are totally disregarded by doctors and how designing an enhanced diet changed everything.

If the causes of our neuronal damage can be fixed by adopting a brain-friendly diet, and by replacing specific nutrients and vitamins that we’re deficient in, why would anyone prescribe drugs which do nothing to halt the disease’s progression? All this research information is freely available to everyone. It’s published by universities and clinical research centres worldwide and held on PubMed, the online database of the US National Library of Medicine.

I found study after study into Parkinson’s; literally thousands of them, which demonstrated potential Parkinson’s disease causes. It didn’t take much imagination to work out that, if I took action to fix those causes, something positive might start to happen to my Parkinson’s symptoms.

Following my reading of a study by Columbia University, New York, which showed that stripping carbohydrates and sugar from the diet reduced the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients by 43% in 28 days, I adopted the recommended diet. Then I began taking nutritional supplements to resolve the nutrient and vitamin deficiencies which the research showed were the case in virtually all Parkinson’s people.

Now, 2 years later my Parkinson’s symptoms have reversed and I live very well although I have the underlying Parkinson’s condition. I remain wholeheartedly committed to my diet and supplements regimen, and reap the rewards every day. I get better and better although I know this could change should I ever relax my grip.

I’ve written the story of my journey, what I learned about Parkinson’s disease causes and the natural, healthy actions I took to free myself of this disease.

Don’t delay taking action, as we’re each in a race against time with Parkinson’s and the sooner you take action, the greater the potential to halt the onward march of our Parkinson’s disease.