Agonist medication turned dad into gambling addict

Agonists made Dad into a gambling addictAgonist medication turned dad into gambling addict

This is the story of an honest, upright businessman who, following his Parkinson’s diagnosis was turned into a gambling and pornography addict. You can listen to the BBC broadcast here 
His son ventures the opinion that it wasn’t the Parkinson’s causing his health issues, it was the side effects of his medication. His wife asks a very valid question. Did he need medication so early on following his diagnosis?
These are questions I ask every time I meet people with Parkinson’s or receive correspondence from them. Where is the evidence that prescribing medication at diagnosis improves the long term health of the patient?
If medication, as we know, doesn’t hold back degeneration, why aren’t doctors trying a nutrition and exercise approach? Why not discuss that approach with your doctor. After all, you have nothing to lose and might be surprised at the results.
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