A New Lifestyle and a New Diet

Colin BallsIf you are looking up Parkinson’s symptoms or want to understand Parkinson’s causes, then you may be encouraged by what you read on this blog and my website. With what I learned from the research studies stored on the US government website, I’ve been able to reverse my Parkinson’s symptoms, break free of the condition, and live well.I thought it would take balls to challenge conventional medical thinking, and take direct responsibility for my Parkinson’s health.

That was until I understood that if I continued on the path of medication, set out for me by my doctors, I would just get worse, and worse and worse.

You see, doctors don’t have any answers and, the hard truth for all of us people with PD, is that no cure is going to come quickly enough, if at all.

So, faced with nothing to lose, if it didn’t work out, I set out on a path of intensive study to learn what causes the damage to our brains in the first place and, with that answered, what could I do about it.

I learned a lot. First, that there’s hundreds of research studies into the causes, many of which centre around lifestyle and diet. We really can improve our Parkinson’s health ourselves!

Second, that changing that lifestyle and adopting the right diet can arrest the damage being done.

Third, we can take actions to enhance our neuronal capability and restore function.

I’ve published a lot of this information on my website, www.fight-parkinsons.org, but this is the tip of the iceberg of information I’ve collected. You can get this by emailing me at colin.potter@www.trevorfield.co.uk.

As for me? Two years after starting my research, I’m off drugs entirely, my symptoms have reversed and I live very well – providing I take good care of myself.