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Take charge of our own health

Hands Take charge of our own health

I really do understand how difficult it is to take charge of our own health.
After all, it means challenging our doctor, the very person who we’ve been told ‘knows best’.
Challenging professionals is, well, challenging because it means we need to spend time researching and understanding a somewhat complex subject. Isn’t it just easier to allow our doctor to make the decision.
But, if we look at the evidence with chronic diseases, the evidence isn’t very compelling for what our doctors are achieving with the tools at their disposal ie drugs.
Too many people are set upon a path of degeneration and suffering what doctors term ‘side effects’ but which I’ve come to term ‘drug-induced symptoms’.
What if there’s other evidence which doctors don’t have the time to research? Evidence from studies that show that there are a number of potential causes of Parkinson’s which may be addressed through changing diet, rectifying nutritional deficiencies and by adopting a structured exercise programme.
What if there’s evidence of alternative therapies which get better results than drugs but which never get brought to the attention of your doctors because they aren’t provided by pharmaceutical companies.
At fight-parkinsons we are simplifying the information and empowering you to either:
a)  talk with your doctor to seek a better outcome
b) find a more open-minded doctor prepared to think outside the box
Since I’d learned that my Parkinson’s was incurable and degenerative, I felt I’d nothing to lose by looking for something better than what was being offered to me by medications.
I’ve proved my prognosis wrong, and learned that the answer lie in my own hands. Maybe, you’ll see that you’re fate lies in your hands, too.¬†
You’ll find everything here on the pages of my website, www.fight-parkinsons.org. Keep looking, too, because we’re adding more information all the time.