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A Proper Examination By A Neurologist


Dr Wingrove[1]How About This For A Proper Examination By A Neurologist


I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn if I could do even better than I’ve been doing already. I wanted to know not only if I was taking the right supplements, but what would be the optimum doses of those supplements?


Above all, I wanted to be guided by a professional rather than self-medicate with supplements.Whilst it’s worked for me, until now, working it all out for yourself is a big ask for many people. So, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to see neurologist, Dr Iris Wingrove (see photo) in Austin, Texas.


Was I in for a surprise at the detailed care and attention! Dr Wingrove carried out an examination of me that lasted TWO HOURS! How that contrasted with my previous examination of five minutes of walking up and down and then tapping my forefinger and thumb together.


Then I went for blood tests where the nurse drew THIRTEEN phials of blood, so that I can be tested for metals, toxins and nutrient deficiencies.


Finally, Dr Wingrove took a swab for DNA testing and to figure out any metabolic weaknesses.


We await the results which will establish exactly what’s going on in my body, what’s behind my Parkinson’s, and the action I can take which will fix it.Truly personalised medicine rather than the one-size-fits-all approach doled out which many people call me to say isn’t working.


I’ll be recording the results on www.fight-parkinsons.org