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Living with Parkinson’s is Hard

Which hard did I want?


Faced with a path of continuous degeneration, I determined that I’d do anything to break free of my Parkinson’s. If you have Parkinson’s you’ll already know that Living with Parkinson’s is hard. I chose to take responsibility for my health and find the answers which were eluding my doctors.

It’s hard to have the courage of your convictions when what you’re doing is challenging conventional thinking. It’s hard to stop taking medications when everyone else thinks that’s the right thing to do. It’s hard to place your faith in an entirely new diet when you’re uncertain of the outcome. It’s hard to take vitamins and dietary supplements, when the medical profession consistently says ‘there’s no evidence to support them’ – there is! It’s hard to exercise every day. It’s hard to spend hours each day poring over research studies.

I determined that living with Parkinson’s and terminal decline was not the kind of hard I wanted. I want to see my grandchildren grow up. I want to play an active role in their lives. So, I put my faith in the research and started to look for what’s causing Parkinson’s. I changed my diet to one which studies said would reduce my symptoms by 40% – it did. I took the dietary supplements which restored the levels of vitamins and nutrients in which the research said I’d likely be deficient.

I exercise vigorously every day both in the gym and outside, because research shows it restores brain function and rolls back Parkinson’s symptoms. I am relentless in my search for therapies and actions which can counter my Parkinson’s. My reward? I’ve reversed my Parkinson’s symptoms, I’m off medication and I live a Parkinson’s-free life – providing I keep doing the right things.

What does the medical profession say on all of this? They say that none of this works!