Welcome To Fight-Parkinsons

I have embarked upon an ambitious project which has grown considerably. Until now, I have funded everything personally. But, I can no longer conduct research, keep the website updated, shoot and edit videos, draft reports, create recipes etc all on my own.

Aside from the obvious expense of hosting a website, there is a now a small team working with me and who need to be paid. To cover these costs, and to enable us to build a resource for future generations faced with the problems you face today, the operation needs to be sustainable.

I therefore invite you to become a member of fight-parkinsons and support our work by contributing a small monthly sum ($5 or £3.60), which you can cancel at any time, and which gives you full access to our entire research and output.

I have searched for alternative answers to funding our work as the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do is add to the burden of someone with Parkinson’s, or be seen to be profiting from someone’s misfortune. This is the equitable model I have settled upon, and which shares the costs amongst everyone.

There is one thing I want to make clear, and that is that neither I. nor any of my family, will be receiving any payment or reward from fight-parkinsons. My reward in all of this has come from recovering personally from Parkinson’s and, now, seeing other people recover, too.

My commitment to you is that, in return for your monthly financial support, you will see continuous fresh research into everything to do with Parkinson’s and potential answers to this disease and it’s symptoms.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Colin Potter

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